Aine Events

Aine - the Celtic Goddess of Love, Summer, Wealth and Sovereignty

Theme Nights

Lets be honest guys - the theme nights are all about the girls looking amazing. The guys are busy thanking their lucky stars that they have their gorgeous partner in their lives.  Its cheeky, its sexy and its lots of fun.

Use your imagination to make your outfits as sexy as you please.  Enjoy the music and the sensuous atmosphere.  Its all about relaxing and enjoying.

There are 4 theme nights (Saturday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday). The other nights, which we call bar nights, (Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday) are casual nights. We recommend lingerie for the casual nights or just throw on a sarong.

The themes for each night are shown below. Let your imagination run wild.


Saturday Night - Fantastic in Fluro

Always a classic

fluro night

Monday Night - Masks

Flirt with the Inner You


Wednesday Night - Wonderful White

Pure and innocent

pure and innocent in white

Friday Night - Devils & Angels

Are you naughty or nice?

naughty or nice