Aine Events

Aine - the Celtic Goddess of Love, Summer, Wealth and Sovereignty


nude couple embrace at beach

Will there be single men or women at the resort?  No, this is strictly a couples only event.

Will you be selling day or night passes for visitors?  No, only our guests will be granted access to the resort.

What is your drug policy?  Illicit drugs will NOT be tolerated.  Any guest in possession of illicit drugs will be immediately removed from the resort with no refund.

I have allergies/special dietary requirements, can you cater for my needs?  We do not allow nuts/nut oil on the resort.  If you have other requirements, please contact us at so we can assist you.

What does clothing-optional mean?  Clothing is required in some areas, such as the restaurant, but is optional in the pool area, spa and beach.  Some guests who are new to the experience will wear some clothing in the nude areas until they feel comfortable and confident to 'get back to nature'.  Our experience is that this never takes very long.

Do you run shorter or longer events?  Unfortunately no.  Australia is a small market for this type of event.  We have found that the 8 day, 7 night format works best for our clients.

Is there a family friendly telephone number we can use?  Yes, the number and name of the resort you can give to family will be supplied upon request after full payment.

What is the age of the youngest guest you will accept?  We will not accept any guest under 25 years of age.  Our clients are generally in their 40's, 50's and 60's.

What happens if a guest becomes aggressive or makes other patrons uncomfortable?  The comfort, enjoyment and happiness of our guests is our number one priority.  If a guest is making other guests or staff uncomfortable, being abusive or threatening they will be required to leave the resort.  They will not be eligible for a refund and will not be allowed to return to the resort in the future.

​Is smoking allowed?  Smoking is permitted on balconies and decks adjoining guest rooms, but not inside rooms please. In accordance with Queensland Health Regulations, smoking is not permitted in areas where food is served or consumed or where drinks are served. As such, please do not light up in the bar or restaurant seating area.


If you have any questions - please feel free to contact us at